Ballettschule Theater Basel

The Ballettschule Theater Basel was founded in 2001 and is recognized worldwide as one of the leading professional schools in Europe. Our Junior School provides children and teenagers with high quality classes and our Senior School trains talented students who aspire to a career as a professional dancer. Graduates begin their careers in renown theaters throughout the world.

The school is closely linked to the city of Basel and the ballet company in Basel. The close association with Ballett Theater Basel and its director, Richard Wherlock, allows students to experience the daily artistic life of a professional theater and enables selected students to participate in the company’s performances and projects. Scholarships are awarded to exceptionally talented and committed students as required.

We work together with regionally, nationally and internationally successful teachers, guest teachers and pianists. In addition to being exposed to the creative process by working with present day choreographers such as Richard Wherlock and Heinz Spoerli, students have performed works of Kenneth McMillian and George Balanchine, two of the greatest choreographers of the 20th Century.

BTB is a Partner School of YAGP and the Prix de Lausanne. The Prix only recognizes schools in the world that have an exceptionally high level of dance education. The school aspires to meet this standard every day.

All students have the opportunity to receive an academic education and graduate with a “Diploma of Professional Dance” (EFZ) that is recognized by the Swiss Federal Government.

All students and members of staff are fully committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence. At the same time, our philosophy places the physical and emotional wellbeing as well as the personal development of our students at its core.