The Ballet School Theater Basel (BTB) needs your help!

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With a donation of 1000.– CHF/year or more, the long-term existence of BTB – one of the world’s best ballet schools – can be ensured. BTB is a cultural jewel that Basel cannot afford to lose.

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Why support the BTB?

  • BTB receives subsidies from the canton for the trainees of the recognized EFZ/professional diploma program. However, these are by far not enough to cover the costs of the student’s education nor to ensure the future of the school.
  • BTB must finance its continued existence through its own and third-party funds.
  • It is our goal to recruit at least 500 people for our “S.O.S – Save our School” program by the end of the year.
  • The Ballet School is a non-profit organization and is categorized as an independent association. All donations are tax deductible.

Talk to your friends! Every contribution helps to save this valuable organization and lead it into a successful future.

Sign up using the form below and help save this established educational and cultural organization. As a THANK YOU, you will benefit from membership in our “Patrons & Friends” program.

Membership «Patrons & Friends»

CHF 1’000


2 tickets each for the first category «Der Nussknacker»
and «Sommer Gala»

CHF 5’000


4 tickets each first category incl. aperitif «Der Nussknacker» and «Sommer Gala», as well as a backstage visit before the performances

CHF 10’000


8 tickets each first category incl. aperitif «Der Nussknacker» and «Sommer Gala», as well as a backstage visit before the performances and an invitation to a training session

The Ballet School Theater Basel

  • BTB was founded in 2001 and is considered one of the leading professional ballet schools in Europe and enjoys a worldwide reputation. BTB consists of a Junior School and a Professional School.
  • The Junior School, provides recreational training in ballet and modern dance to more than 300 children and teenagers. The Professional School trains over 50 talented students for the major companies of the ballet world. The professional students graduate with a Federal Certificate of Proficiency “Stage Dancer EFZ”.
  • BTB is a Partner School of the Prix de Lausanne. The Prix only honors schools worldwide that demonstrate an exceptionally high level of dance education.
    BTB is a Partner School of the Youth American Grand Prix, the world’s largest international competition for students.