Senior Professionals

The Ballettschule Theater Basel offers a full-time professional program for students ages 13 – 19 who wish to pursue dance as a career. A solid foundation in classical ballet is required.

Our goal is to prepare talented young dancers to meet the multifaceted demands of the major professional companies of today. In addition to an excellent classical ballet education, students are exposed to many different styles of contemporary dance as well as the work of some of today’s greatest choreographers. Great value is placed on the personal development of our students. Small classes insure optimal individual attention. The curriculum consist of Classical Ballet Technique, Pointe, Variations, Pas de Deux, Modern / Contemporary, Music Theory and History, Dance History, Anatomy and Yoga. In the last year of study, students who demonstrate sufficient maturity and technical ability are selected to take professional class with Ballett Basel.

The close relationship to Ballett Basel insures a professional working atmosphere, provides students with a source of inspiration and sets the standard for professional excellence. The school’s atmosphere and philosophy encourage young dancers to respect the art form of dance, to develop their curiosity and openness to new ideals, to work independently and to learn the importance of discipline and taking responsibility. All qualities which allow our students to blossom into cultivated adults as well as highly proficient dancers.

Our staff comprises teachers and artists of the highest international quality. Main teachers for the Senior Professional / EFZ Diploma Division are Amanda Bennett, François Petit, Jorge García Pérez,  Lawrence Rigg, Risa Yajima-Boisnon and Arman Grigoryan. Students also work with guest teachers such as Stefanie Arndt, David Peden, Ethan Stiefel, Michael Langeneckert and Sara Lourenco.

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Academical Education

All students are encouraged to complete their academic education. Younger students who have not completed secondary school attend one of Basel’s “Sportklasse” (Special classes for children gifted in sports or art) Upon completion of secondary school students begin a special academic course designed for professional dance.

(EFZ) At the end of the 3-year course students are awarded a Swiss Federally recognized diploma in professional dance. Academic classes are conducted in German and English and take place 10 minutes from the Theater Basel at the Huber Widemann Schule in Basel.

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Due to the closure of the Professional Scholl at the end of the school year 2022/23, there will unfortunately be no further auditions. 



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