Funding BTB Campus


Once a year you will receive an exclusive invitation to the “Patrons & Friends” event, which gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of school and the daily work at BTB.

You will get the opportunity to attend a rehearsal or a training course and get to know teachers and students (by individual arrangement).

You will also receive a VIP invitation to our performances in early summer (Summer Gala) and winter (Nutcracker).

Additional advantages depending on the project.


Your contribution will be used to equip a 2-person studio with the necessary furniture, mirror, lamp and other furnishings in the new premises of the BTB Campus.


Your contribution will be used to set up a kitchen on each floor of the new BTB Campus so that the students can prepare their own fresh and healthy meals. This includes the necessary furniture, electrical appliances such as stove, oven, refrigerator and also a dishwasher. Furthermore, various small utensils and of course crockery and cutlery.


Your contribution will be used to equip a ballet studio with the necessary infrastructure. This includes dance floor, mirror wall, ballet bars, a music system, good lighting and much more.

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BTB Patrons & Friends
Ballettschule Theater Basel
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CH-4010 Basel

Account 40-188-6
Ballettschule Theater Basel, Basel
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BTB Patrons & Friends
T +41 61 205 90 00

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