The Ballet School Theater Basel is run as an association and operates largely independently financially. In order to finance the advancement of children and young people from Basel and the surrounding area, we rely on the support of foundations and contributions from private sources as well as corporate funding. Thanks to your support, our highly motivated students are able to fully realise their artistic potential and look forward to performances, workshops and new teaching opportunities in addition to their lessons.
BTB Sponsors & Friends
Ballet School Theater Basel
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CH-4010 Basel
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Ballet School Theatre Basel, Basel
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BTB Sponsors & Friends
T +41 (0)61 205 90 00
The Ballet School Basel Association is grateful for every donation. If you would like to transfer a sum of money, you are welcome to do so with the subject “Donation Ballet School”. With a contribution you create the possibility of inviting high-quality guest teachers and also contribute to an increased participation in performances as well as the procurement of necessary teaching material or training clothes for our students.